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Portable power supply makes you no longer worry about electricity problems outdoors

Portable power supply makes you no longer worry about electricity problems outdoors

Aug 18, 2021
Now we often want to participate in outdoor activities and parties. When we are free, we will have three or two friends to travel. It's cool to think of, but if you are playing outdoors, suddenly, what should I do if I experience a power outage? Mobile power has become one of the most popular and important digital products. It is said that its penetration rate is very high, and it is very important, because people's dependence on smart phones is too high, and it is inseparable. Therefore, in recent years, technology manufacturers in various countries have launched their own mobile power products.

Portable AC and DC power supply can adapt to a large number of electrical equipment, suitable for self-driving tours, camping, outdoor small music parties, family emergency power supply and other application scenarios. It mainly solves drones, car refrigerators, cameras, laptops, projectors, outdoor lamps, mobile Phone, mobile phone, mobile phone, mobile phone, mobile phone, mobile phone, mobile phone, mobile phone, mobile phone, mobile phone, etc. Mobile phone etc. As far as current mobile power products are concerned, the biggest disadvantage is that the charging objects are too single, basically mobile phones and tablet computers. However, for daily life, we actually have more needs. For example, notebook computers, SLR cameras, etc. have "large" power consumption, and ordinary mobile power supplies cannot provide power support. In extreme outdoor environments, it can solve the problem of short battery life for outdoor photography drones.

Generally speaking, according to the different charging time of different models of drones, the charging capacity of the power supply of about 311Wh can reach 3-6 times. Let the drone fly into the sky and record more moments that shock the soul. Due to the built-in AC output interface, the mobile power supply has a wide range of application prospects. Outdoor sports, no longer worry about the SLR, the laptop is dead! Even so, you can also directly in the fan outside, this camping in the wild, no longer have to worry about the heat! For this kind of charging device, safety issues are still the most worthy of attention. Therefore, when you choose, you must examine it from multiple aspects, and you cannot have a good and cheap "good luck". After all, once security is threatened. If you have questions, we regret it is too late!

For aerial photography enthusiasts, this is also a boon. As we all know, the standby capability of drones is generally not strong, but with this kind of mobile power, you don't have to worry about the battery life of drones! In order to better meet the needs of outdoor use, our portable power station camping is small in size, light in weight, large in capacity, and high in safety, which is sufficient to meet various power requirements for outdoor homes, travel, camping, and long-distance travel.
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